Two Bottles For £24
Two Bottles For £24

Two Bottles For £24


We want to inspire more health, happiness and vitality to the world so we wanted to give you guys this awesome offer, 2 bottles for £24, which is 25% off!

You can buy them for yourselves to sit prettily on your own desk, inspiring you to hydrate and feel awake, give them as Christmas and Birthday gifts or as the perfect way to carry your water safely in our non-toxic bottles while you are on the go.

Wishing you, your friends and family the happiest, healthiest Christmas and 2017!

These bright, colourful design will give you that extra nudge of positivity to get out there and take on the world! Each and every day is your chance to shine and see the light in others!

 Wake Up, and Be Awesome!

-Our Awesome bottle holds 550ml of water, juice or smoothie to nourish you night and day

-Made from the best quality borosilicate glass

-BPA free and recyclable 

-The mouthpiece is the perfect size to pour fresh juices, smoothies and water into and feels wonderful to drink from

-There are 4 different coloured lids, all complete with silicon ring, making them leak proof

-Each lid has a cute little lanyard to keep them even safer

-Our bottles are happy to hold warm fluids in the winter, just not boiling

-Every bottle has our signature logo on, infusing your bottle with love and beauty

We have a few of our awesome handmade bottles which have a small, tiny blemish on, most people don't even notice. Like each of us, they are not perfect, but absolutely and totally awesome!

Simply add to cart and at the checkout tell us the two you want...



-Love Love Love

-Pink hearts

-Yellow Hearts

-Blue Hearts

-Orange Pineapples or 

-Multi coloured Pineapples (limited stock)

We will get them out ASAP so that you can start enjoying your Beautiful Bottles!